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Rock The Night pan Susan Zoe Bella

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  • Rock The Night
  • Susan Zoe Bella
  • Format: Pdf, ePub, MOBI, FB2
  • ISBN: 9798215178607
  • Editeur: WMG Publishing
  • Date de parution: 2022

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Recommended for mature audience. Very steamy love scenes. Mild violence. Ghosts. This is a second edition completely rewritten and extended, with the original characters and plotline intact. Standalone read at 39K words solid with a conclusive ending. No cliffhangers. The black rose-an ancient code for Ireland, becomes more when a restless spirit takes earthly matters into her own hands. Artist Hayley Finnegan and rockstar Noah McNally are inexplicably drawn together when her artwork supernaturally appears as tattoos on his body.
And the key to the mystery lurks within her paintings. Hayley's dreams unlock the veil to a troubled Irish spirit determined to set things right. She wakes in the night feeling compelled to sketch the visions. The moment she meets Noah, passion blazes out of control when she touches the art inked onto his gorgeous abs. She can't stop herself from wanting him. Noah is a budding rockstar who is spooked when a different tattoo shows up on his body every night while he sleeps.
The mystical images vanish the following night only to be replaced by new art the next morning. But after an unexpected wild tryst in the park with the stunning blonde artist, one tattoo remains. Hayley and Noah can't seem to squelch their burning attraction to one another no matter where they are. As the sparks continue to fly, their feelings deepen and the hauntings intensify. Noah's bandmates and their manager, Sid Shady, disapprove of his new romance with Hayley.
As a rising star, he's told to appear available in order to appease adoring fans. When Noah is mauled by crazed groupies after a hot date with Hayley one night, Sid reveals just how shady he can be. And a member of the band is caught in a wicked lie. Agendas clash when Sid and Ty try to alter destiny, sending the sweet Irish girl into hiding. But Noah cannot forget what they shared. He must choose between his heart and his career.
The day of reckoning arrives when a black rose ties up loose ends and an angry Banshee shows Noah and Hayley the truth about love-and lies.

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